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 Natural Gas: Making Power Systems more Flexible 

Power systems are changing rapidly due to a confluence of technologic, social, meteorological and business drivers. These changes are highlighting the need for flexibility and resilience in energy systems. This is seen clearly in South American countries that have traditionally relied on hydropower and are experiencing strong growth in wind and solar. On December 13, the last in the series of ECPA Ministerial Dialogues will look at the role of natural gas in a rapidly changing energy market. Read more.  

 ECPA Ministerial Dialogues

This edition of the newsletter focuses on a series of Ministerial Dialogues that the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) has been hosting to help set the table for the upcoming meeting of energy ministers and other high-level officials from Latin America and the Caribbean. The Fourth ECPA Ministerial Meeting—to be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on February 27-28, 2020—will address issues related to “Energy Resilience and Investment Opportunities.” Read more.

 Electric Mobility: Full Speed into the Future

No question, petroleum still rules the road. In most places, electric vehicles make up a miniscule percentage of cars and buses in circulation today. But several experts who spoke at the ECPA Ministerial Dialogue on Electric Mobility in the Americas said that changes are already underway—not just in the vehicles people drive but in the very way they think about mobility. Read More

 Gender and Energy: Bringing All Hands on Deck

Expanding the use of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, becoming more energy-resilient, making electricity more affordable and accessible—these are big challenges that require all-hands-on-deck teamwork. Yet too often, women aren’t even on the team. During this ECPA Dialogue several women in the energy sector talked about how to improve the dismal statistics and increase gender diversity in this traditionally male-dominated industry. Read More

 Urban Resilience: Strengthening Survival Skills

How can cities and towns become better prepared for natural disasters? How can they mitigate the potential damage? What can they do to speed up recovery if the worst happens? How can they help their populations adapt to growing threats? What role do education and culture play? These are the types of questions panelists tackled at the ECPA Ministerial Dialogue on Urban Resilience. Read More

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